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About Me


Margita Soldo Ivančić


margita@linguistified.com, margita@margitasoldo.com



Linguistified, Graščica 1, Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia


Trail & ultra running, yoga, singing, psychology & neuroscience, blogging (www.margitasoldo.com)

I’m a linguist by education and profession and I just adore anything that has to do with languages and words, hence, linguistified. 🙂

My work in the translation & localisation industry gives me an opportunity to grow my language skills in English as a second language on all linguistic levels.

When I’m not working, you can see me trail running on nearby mountains, reading stuff in psychology and neuroscience, singing, and writing for my blog at www.margitasoldo.com where I share my stories and combine my interests. I truly believe that proficiency is a result of growth mindset in any area of our lives.

Let my language skills and work & life attitude be a catalyst to achieving your (company’s) goals.




Translation (English <> Croatian)

As a translator, my working languages are English and Croatian and I specialise in EU communication and legislation, law, marketing, software localisation, quality management and standards, travel & tourism (details below). In more than 12 years of experience in the translation & localisation industry I have had the opportunity to apply the theory passed on, learn each step of the practice way and deliver timely services to the best of my knowledge.

Certified Translation (English <> Croatian)

As a court interpreter (sworn translator) I provide translation of any documents that would require a seal of a certified translator, e.g., contracts, certificates, birth certificates, diplomas, grade transcripts, data sheets, quality standards certificates, passports, apostilles...

Machine Translation Post Editing

We can't run from technology, and its rise has impacted translation industry as well. However, a human mind is indispensable to convey the correct meaning into target language. In this light, any automated translation requires a human touch. Let a professional linguist take what the machine has translated, edit it and localise the messages in target language to match the one of the source.


Work Experience & Education

Work Experience & Education

Work experience:


2012 to present

CEO & Linguist

CEO: general management of the company, marketing and finances.

Linguist: language services

Skills acquired and applied: project, priority and time management; linguistic proficiency.

Non-profit Sector

2009 to 2011

Office Manager

This work experience provided a great opportunity to learn and/or apply the principles of general management (administration and finances), event management, and communication management. These proved to be essential when starting and maintaining my entrepreneurial endeavour.

Educational System

2006 to 2008

Teacher of English & Italian in primary schools

My first work experience was transferring second language knowledge to children – a reward in itself.

Acquired: Patience. 🙂


University of Cambridge, UK

2008 to 2009

MPhil in English and Applied Linguistics

University of Split, Croatia

2001 to 2006

MA in English and Italian Language and Literature

County Court of Zagreb, Croatia


Certified Court Interpreter (Sworn Translator) for English and Italian




EU Communication & Legislation

Translation Agencies in the EU (Denmark, Germany, Greece, Latvia, the Netherlands, Spain, UK)

I have been collaborating regularly with several EU-based translation&localisation agencies on EU legislation and communication projects which include EU directives, regulations, articles, brochures, videos, and other texts and communication tools from EU institutions. My daily work on these projects makes possible my constant upgrade of writing skills, in both English as my second language and Croatian as my mother tongue.

CAT tools used: SDL Trados Studio 2017, Wordbee, xBench (QA)

Information Technology (IT)

Global Technology Company

Regular collaboration with an EU-based translation agency has provided opportunity to work on translation&localisation projects of one of the largest multinational technology companies. These include software localisation and document translation in end client-specific software, thus making possible diversification of CAT tools used as well as development of my own IT skills.

CAT tools: client-specific, SDL Trados Studio 2017


Law Firms, Natural Persons, NGOs, Public Notary Offices, Trade Companies

My work experience in this vast sector includes translation of legal documents such as apostilles, birth certificates, contracts, court excerpts, death certificates, diplomas, driving licences, grade transcripts, marriage certificates, passports, quality standard certificates, statements, statutes, tax clearance certificates, etc. As a sworn translator, I have provided certified translations of these documents to clients such as IKEA Hrvatska d.o.o., C.I.A.K. d.o.o., DD Servis d.o.o., etc.

CAT tools: SDL Trados Studio 2017


Trade Companies

The creative sector of marketing has provisioned opportunities that include translation of travel packages, presentations, brochures, website content, etc. I have collaborated on translation and proofreading projects for English with sector experts such as Media Val d.o.o. (Communication Management) and Real Experience d.o.o. (Real Croatia) (Travel & Tourism).

Quality Management & Standards

Trade Companies

My regular projects also include certified translation of many certificates in quality management (ISO, IATF standards) issued by accredited certification bodies such as:

AENOR Certification, AFAQ (Assurance Française pour la Qualité), BSI (British Standards Institution), Bureau Veritas Certification, DEKRA Certification, DNV GL Business Assurance, DQS Certification, LRQA (Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance), IQNet (International Certification Network), NSF International Strategic Registrations, QMS Certification Services, Tüv Nord, Tüv Rheinland, Tüv Sud.

I have mostly provided these services in the automotive industry to Croatian trade companies such as C.I.A.K. Group, Autocommerce Hrvatska d.o.o.ITM d.o.o. and DD Servis d.o.o.

Travel & Tourism

Trade Companies

This ever-growing Croatian sector has provided regular projects of translating travel packages from Croatian into English as well as proofreading English texts. In such a way I have been given possibilities to expand my linguistic and creative skills in English as a second language. I have regularly collaborated with one of the largest Croatian online travel agencies, Real Croatia.


I have provided translation services to many natural persons (mostly certified translation of legal documentation), governmental institutions, NGOs, educational institutions and private sector companies where I have covered some other fields, such as arts, construction, banking & finance, history, media, non profit, public relations, and sports.

Let my translation skills be a contribution to achieving your personal and business needs as well.


Skills & Attitudes

Skills & Attitudes

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.” John C. Maxwell

Inter&Intrapersonal & Managerial Skills

  • Self-motivated: work as an opportunity to learn and grow
  • Maintaining good client relations through quality of services
  • Open to using client-specific translation software
  • Excellent project management skills (awareness of the importance of deadlines)
  • Successful in establishing estimates
  • Efficient use of available resources
  • Awareness of professional ethics and standards (GDPR, NDA, trade secret)
  • Professional communication and flexibility
  • Passion for acquiring new knowledge and skills

Language, Writing and CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) Skills

  • Excellent command of grammar and spelling rules
  • Attention to detail; quality over quantity
  • Daily workload: can take on larger amounts of work, without detriment to the quality
  • Cross-referencing: as a polyglot (Croatian, English, Italian, French) I often consult languages other than my working languages
  • Cross-cultural awareness
  • Research skills
  • Excellent writing skills (Cambridge University Alumna & work experience)
  • CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools: SDL Trados Studio 2017, Memsource, Wordbee, xBench (QA), client-specific software; Sketch Engine (corpus manager and text analysis software)

Personal blog

Personal blog


I strongly believe that, as with any type of work, translation is a never-ending learning process, and in my work, I tend to draw upon my past professional experiences, learn from mistakes, advance current knowledge, and to be as productive and as efficient possible when performing linguistic tasks with the purpose of delivering timely services of high quality. In this light, I find my lifestyle an extremely important factor in contributing my professional self and making me a better linguist and a desirable business collaborator.

Relatedly, I use my bilingual blog at www.margitasoldo.com as a platform to post my life experiences in a humorous fashion with a lesson-learned imprint. I am sharing this with you directly as I find it important to see the mind behind your translated and created texts – always learning, always willing to learn, and always delivering.

“It is not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves.” Edmund Hillary

Legal Information:

Linguistified, obrt za prevoditeljske usluge, vl. Margita Soldo Ivančić

Registered Address: Graščica 1, Zagreb, Croatia

VAT ID: HR34747631514